Book Review: One More Kiss by Samantha Chase

Shaughnessy: Band on the Run #1
Author: Samantha Chase
Reading Level: New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: February 7, 2017
Review Source: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Matt Reed was living the dream until a bad career move sends him back to his hometown for much-needed privacy. Instead, he finds someone he never expected: the woman whose steamy kiss he remembers like it was yesterday.

Vivienne Forrester finally has her life in order... until Matt moves back to town. She doesn't want to think about the time she threw caution to the wind with him, but running into him everywhere, it's impossible not to...

"One More Kiss" is the first book in a new series and the first book I have ever read by Samantha Chase.  I thought it was an interesting story and liked the concept of the plot.

Matt was a member of a very well known rock group, Shaughnessy.  At the end of their tour, the band breaks apart to pursue individual dreams.  Matt decides to star in a rock broadway show.  Unfortunately for him, the show tanks horribly and is cancelled within three days.  Due to his horrible performance, the press questions the validity of his talents and even the talents of his fellow band members.  His manager forces him out of the spotlight to try and get things cleared up.  He is offered a safe haven in his hometown of North Carolina with his best friend, Aaron.  To Matt's surprise, Aaron's sister, Vivienne, moves into the guest house on the property.  A week later, Aaron leaves for Europe, leaving the two of them by themselves.

I really liked Vivienne's character!  She is a strong, independent woman that does not put up with any bull.  She puts Matt in his place several times which is one of my favorite aspects of this book.  Matt's character was super sexy and talented but at times he made me want to smack him with his self doubt/ self pitying.  I would have liked to have felt a little more chemistry between the characters.  The black curtain got thrown up more abruptly than I would have liked during some parts of the story.  I do think this was a fun romance though!

I am rating this book 4 stars because it was entertaining and fun.  Also, I am rating it 4 stars because of how much I liked the heroine.  I love female characters that aren't afraid to put the guys in their place.  I will definitely read more of Samantha Chase's books in the future.

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