Book Review: Seven Brothers of Sin by Cassandra Dee

Seven Brothers of Sin
A Reverse Harem Romance
Author: Cassandra Dee
Reading Level: Adult
Genres: Erotic Romance
Released: September 4, 2017
Review Source: Purchased

Why pick one guy when you can have seven?
I grew up next to the Morgan boys.
Playing doctor was really fun.
But now, ten years later I'm back from college.
And the Morgans ... well, they make me shiver, everything going hot.
Because the men are gorgeous.
Matt on Monday.
Tim on Tuesday.
Will on Wednesday.
Trent on Thursday.
Ford on Friday.
Sam on Saturday.
And Smith ... oh god, Smith's perfect for Sundays.
Because Sunday's meant for penance.
Doing right and thinking good thoughts.
Going to church and acting godly.
But I can't be good.
I can't possibly choose, they're too gorgeous.
So I don't pick.
Is that wrong?
Or is seven my lucky number?

This book has by far one of the best book dedications I've read. I knew after reading the dedication, that I was going to enjoy reading this book and discovering this new author's writing. And it did not disappoint, Seven Brothers of Sin, delivers just like you can imagine it will. If the synopsis and the dedication, don't lead you to believe that, then your not human, lol.

If your into reading smutty romances that are way, and I mean way out of the box (meaning normal), then Seven Brothers of Sin is your next read. Don't expect anything vanilla out of this book. Also if your quick to be offend or disgusted, also not your book. This was book was a fun, quick sexy read and should not be read at work. Unless you want to explain why your blushing.

The synopsis pretty much describes what is going to take place in this book, so I'm not gonna sit here and describe the same thing again. I will tell you that I connected with all the characters and the storyline kept a fun pace. Dee paints great pictures of each of the brothers. Who can not be turned on by dark hair and blue eyes, exactly? Grab your copy today, you'll thank me later.

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