2019 #Comicpalooza Recap! It Was A Storm-y One!

Once Upon a Twilight had the opportunity to attend Texas’ foremost comic and pop-culture event, Comicpalooza, for another year. Being one of the largest conventions in Houston, there are many panels, workshops, cosplay and gaming events to attend during the duration of con. 

One of the first stops and arguably the most popular is the main floor or artist alley. Here you can see many people in cosplay and many vendors selling their own unique products. From soaps, to pins, to art the list of items con-goers can obtain is very large. Not only can you walk around are see amazing local Texas artist like Richard Seelig, who signed each of his pieces as he sold them, but also local stores such as White Cup Entertainment who specialize in exclusive pop-culture Houston themed merch. However, art isn’t the only thing to be found in artist alley. There is plenty to do for fans and children alike. Kids could learn how to lightsaber battle during mini workshops made just for them. Adults could get personalized tattoos being offered on site and even body painting workshops.

Cosplay is one of the main attractions at Comicpalooza. Cosplayers can range all the way from casual to very elaborate and even have the opportunity to get on stage and perform and display their costumes for the public and judges for a chance to win. If you cosplay but don’t want to get on stage there are plenty of group meet ups and photo shoots to commemorate the fun experience.

If art or cosplay are no reasons to attend Comicpalooza also offers many celebrity guests. This year afforded us the opportunities to meet: Grant Gustin from the popular CW TV series “The Flash”, Emilia Clarke the mother of dragons herself, Rob Paulsen a talented voice actor from “Anamaniacs” and many other shows, and many more talented actors and comic book creators. People could not only attend specialized panels where they could have their questions answered by these guests but also snag a picture and an autograph if they liked.

This year at Comicpalooza Collegiate E-sports Championship was a must see for con-goers. Having filled half of the 3rd floor it not only showcased some of Houston’s best gamers, but also offered casual gaming tournaments and sections for young and old gamers. Everything from PC, to console and even table top games were included. Popular con tournaments included: Hearth Stone, Tespa, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Street Fighter.

These are all but a few fun activities that could be had during Comicpalooza’s three day run. If one thing didn’t tickle your fancy there were numerous events, workshops and groups that anyone who loves pop-culture could become a part of.

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