It's Officially #DragonCon Week!

DragonCon kicks off this upcoming weekend from Thursday August 29th all the way till Monday September 2nd (which is also Labor Day). 4.5 days jammed packed with lots of adventures, celebrities, events, cosplay, and so much more!

If you have been following my posts about all the cons I go to and cover, you'll know that I basically live to go to cons. They are my happy place, really. I even have a list of cons I'd like to check off of my bucket list some day, and DragonCon has definitely been one of them for a very long time. So, the fact that I get to go this year finally makes me so very, very excited.

I've been reading up on all the events that will be happening this weekend, on the guests that are going and I just really cannot be more excited for this con. Let me tell you all that will be going down this super long-jammed-packed con weekend:

There's going to be a few Balls:

- The Dark Crystal Ball is a 21 year old and over event only in which you get to showcase your most spectacular fantasy cosplay/ballgown honoring Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal: World of Myth and Magic". There will be some super special celebrity guests, so make sure if you want to go, to purchase your tickets here.
- Yule Ball. Yep, you read that right, just like in Harry Potter, and it will be taking place no other day than Sept. 1st of course. This is also an adults only event, but only after 10PM. Also, no ticket purchase is necessary. If you want more info on the event, go to its Facebook Page.

Every year, according to the website, DragonCon shuts down a few streets in Downtown Atlanta and has the most amazing geeky parade probably in the country. It sounds like a ton of fun and I plan to see at least part of it!

Burlesque Show
On Sept. 1st at midnight, there will be a geeky burlesque show that is appropriately titled "A Glamour Geek Revue". It sounds like it will be a ton of fun and all you need to get in to see it is your badge, how cool is that?!

DragonCon Night at the Aquarium
DragonCon is having a very cool event on Saturday night at the famous Georgia Aquarium in which you'll get to experience the galleries and exhibits in a very intimate and private way. All cosplays are welcome! There will be food and a cash bar as well. Event is likely to sell out, so go get them tickets now!

Of course, like in most cons, they will be having costume/cosplay contests throughout the weekend, there will be an artist alley (where I want to spend like 3 paychecks worth of money!), and the autograph/photo op sections.

Now, on to my favorite part: tell you guys the people I am looking forward to seeing.

This con is a VERY hard one for me to narrow down because they have just *SO* many amazing guests from all fandoms and worlds alike. But, I will try my hardest to keep the list I am going to select my top 5.

Dan Fogler: From "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" franchise. As a big Potterhead, I am looking forward to seeing him...especially since I missed him at MegaCon Orlando in May due to being in line to see Zachary Levi.

Karl Urban from so many things that I love: Thor Ragnarok, The Lord of the Rings, and most recently The Boys. This guy is awesome, he is funny, and he's brilliant! Can't wait to see him!

Freema Ageyman, who played the most underrated but (to me), the most bad ass, most fierce, smart, best companion to the Doctor. She took no crap and is the embodiment of a feminist! I absolutely loved Martha and never thought I'd get to meet her, so this is one celebrity I am VERY much looking forward to meet and get a pic with!

Catherine Tate. Wow I love this woman: she is funny, quirky, smart, sweet, and she played the sassiest companion to the Doctor also. I missed her when she went to MegaCon Orlando last year, so when I saw her name on the list I was very, very excited! 

Now, those are my top 5 celebrities I am looking forward to meeting, but there are 2 more that I've met before, but that I am never ever not excited to meet again:

David Tennant: this will actually be my 3rd time meeting him (last time I saw him was in May of this year and we got to high five and it was epic!) and I feel like life is smiling at me for allowing me to meet David one more time because he is pure joy, charm, and sweetness. 

And last, but so very NOT least:

My boo thang: Zachary Levi. This will be my second time seeing him (and I already bought my photo op with him because, have you seen him?), but I wouldn't mind seeing him 1000 times more. He's going to be there all 4 days and he's having a panel each day (some alone, some with fellow Shazam cast members Asher Angel And Cooper Andrews), and my little fangirl heart couldn't be happier about this. It's like DragonCon should be renamed LeviCon this year!

Make sure to purchase your tickets to the con here and see you guys at the con!

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