Are You Ready to Sit at a Movie Theater?


Hey everyone! We are about to enter the month of September. That would put us at around 7-8 months of dealing with the Pandemic we know as Covid-19. Life fo everyone has been altered in so many ways and will continue to stay this way, until Covid has been dealt with. 

So my question to you, is are you ready to sit at a movie theater? Some theaters have begun to open their doors. They have limited capacity and movie times. Right now, you can find theaters playing The New Mutants movie. Will you head out with your face masks and hand sanitizer? Are you willing to buy popcorn and a coke? Maybe you already have gone to a theater, how was the experience?

I personally am on the fence still. I have yet to eat inside a restaurant. Door Dash has become my friend. I have been places that are outdoors location, such as a kid's baseball field, the beach, the lake, gas stations and of course the grocery stores. I drive past the theater to the grocery store and see the cars parked (only a couple) and think, hmmmm am I ready? 

I love seeing films on the big screens. I know that some films have been available via streaming accounts, but seeing them at home just isn't the same. Wonder Woman 84 is coming soon and that's a film I know I would like to see in theaters. So let see if I test the waters before Wonder Woman comes out or if I wait till then. 

Would love to hear what you guys are doing or planning. 

Stay Safe! Mask up!

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