Are blogs still a thing?


Are Blogs Done?

Has the demise of blogs arrived? I know that we haven’t been as active for several years. Quarantine didn’t help revive the activity level. 2020 everything stopped, no more book mail, no more shopping, no more “normal” life. I thought being stuck at home would get me reading non-stop again, but it did not. The quarantine actually had the reverse affect, I couldn’t get passed a few pages in ANY book. 

So then 2021 arrives, and we are allowing starting to “live” life again without the fear of dying from Covid. I still could not pick up a book. So this blog, just was there. Every once in a while another past reviewer from OUaT, would share some movie passes, etc… That was literally the only thing keeping this blog afloat. 

So here we are, it’s 2023 and life has return to normal. Normal? Well something close to what we used to call normal before 2020. So now that I have sometime again, to dedicate to the blog, is it worth it? Do I wanna spend time writing content and no one cares what book, movie or other relevant thing Ive read/seen. 

If you are reading this, I would love to know your opinion?

Are blogs dead?
Is social media your go-to place now for everything?
Which site(s)? TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X)?




  1. I honestly still love blogging. I still follow blogs and still look to blogs for book reviews. I don't trust the other social media posts because there's not enough space for a review other than someone thanking the publisher for "X" book because it was great! It was so good! And that's it. If they even bother with that. I've unfollowed A LOT of instagram people for doing just this and for whatever reason they are the ones who publishers give books to just to take a picture of and not read/review it.

    Pretty much every book I take a picture of is a personal one I own. Since the majority of my read books are in storage now, pretty much everything that gets pictured are TBR books! Lol.

    But yeah, I am sadden to see the blogging world coming to an end as it's a community I loved being apart of. I loved meeting different bloggers, it was just a nice place to be. But I guess times are always changing and people evolve into the next big thing, so I sometimes wonder if they were ever in it for the love of reading.

    While the blogs I follow nowadays are small in number, I take comfort in at least knowing I am still among readers. Still among the ones who were only in it for the love of reading and sharing our thoughts on the books we read!

    So if you decide to post I'll still be here! Lol!

  2. If it is dead, then why is this here???


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