I finally did it!

Well I finally took the step and decided I would start my own personal blog. The question is will anyone read it,lol. I nplan to write about a whole lot of nothing but something. I will write about my many adventures in the Twi-Verse. I will also like to review books and fanfiction on here as well. I read so much why not write about it. Its funny I plan to do this while im still working and also trying to write my first fanfic as well with my partner in crime, while taking care of my boys and maintain a normal life,like Chief Swan would say "good luck with that!". I will try and check my grammer also , I tend to murder it all the time. My brain tends to think faster then I can type.

So alright let me try and fix up this page a bit and try to get this out there.



  1. Well my friend - it seems we have many things in common. A blog and reading, duh. Let me know if you need help getting in contact with publishers I have tons of friends that I work with daily that hook me up with my books. I rarely buy anything anymore. :)

    And I feel you when you say that it will be hard to maintain life with all of our ventures. I myself have a full time job, have my two little one's running amok, have a blog where I try to review a book a day, not to mention I try to average reading 4-6 books a week. Not easy but definitely do-able. LoL

    If you need anything, just holla.

  2. Yay! Congrats on your new blog! You can just write whatever you want to write about, I do on my blog. I do a lot of books and authors cause I love them but also about other things like when I went to the Monkeys concert. You can always check your spelling and stuff too while you're typing your post, there's a spell check button on there. I use it all the time. I'll come and comment on your posts often too! Make sure you go to mine too! =P

  3. YAY girlie! Looking foward to reading your blog. :)

  4. Of course we will read it!!! LOVE keeping in touch with my favorite Women!:)

  5. Let me know when i sound tooo dorky or boring!!


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