Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan Book Signing

Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan Book Signing.

What a great night, These Ladies are a riot. I will admit this was my 1st book signing (gasp). I know right, I'm a book reviewer and have never been to a signing. Well I will tell you I a bit timid and before I didn't know anyone to go with. Thanks to my Buddies and Fellow book blogger Cynthia and Cari and of course MundieMoms
If you have a chance to see both of these great ladies ,make sure you do make the time to go out and see them. They have a pet Dog (octopus) they do a skit with, VERY FUNNY. 
I will be doing my review of all their books soon and also host giveaways with their books too. If you want to have more of a detailed report on the signing, click on Mundie Moms link and you can read all about it their very soon.

Love, Peace and Twilight

Here I am with Holly Black and the Dog (Octopus)

Holly Black book is : White Cat 

Sarah Rees Brennan book: Demon's Covenant


  1. It was so much fun meeting up with you! I can't believe that was your first book signing! That was by far the most fun I've ever had at a book signing.


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