Spirit Book Review

Author: Andrew Feder
Pages: 356 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

My Stars: 4 stars

Skeptical at the beginning, started slow but then it started to gain interest as it went along. With surprising twist and turns it becomes a journey of suspense, love and spiritual enlightenment. It opens a world of possibilities and so well written that it makes you wonder whether you are reading fiction or fact. It does have one thing that detracts from the book and it is the quotes like if it were a comic book, without these quotes it would have been a 5 star. A must read for anyone that likes to read about metaphysics and mysticism.

Synopsis: Randall Lender was a Wanted Man. He was wanted by the Clergy of the Major Organized Religions, the Governments and the New World Order, but that was the least of his problems. After going out of body (astral projection) Randall Lender suddenly found himself in such a paradox where the surrealism meets dilemma. Within this phenomenon of Looking Through the Hour Glass he unfortunately after leaving his physical body ended up into another's. This was his paradox. This was his dilemma. This was his surrealism. And regrettably for Lender this was the real quantum problem. Randall Lender found himself on an unexpected journey with its twists and turns until he realizes that he must die to live for his return to his former body. And now the elixir of questions remains: What? How? And Why? Then you'll ask why me? Why him? And What If?

Thank you to Rebecca at The Cadence Group


  1. I tried this one but stopped at 100 pages. It just wasn't for me, at all! And I agree, the quotes and capitalized words really got to me. Like, Randall Lender was a Wanted Man. Why are those two words capitalized???

  2. This sounds like a book I would like to read. I've not heard of this author before but I would like to give it a try. Thanks for doing a give away. Love your blog!


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