When a Women Takes an Axe to a Wall Book Review

When a Woman takes an Axe to a Wall
Author: Allegra Bennett
Pages: 144 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

My Stars: 3 stars

Its an easy to read book, divided into anecdotes of women battling changes in their life by focusing into projects in their homes. They are learning and growing up with the experience and take control of their home as well as their soul and life. The book makes you think and inspire you to find your true self.

Synopsis: Warning!!!! Women in this book are not afraid. They’ll snatch off their sling-backs, shimmy out of their couture, slip into overalls and strap on tool belts in the making of their perfect space and, in that, the renovation of their state of mind. When A Woman Takes An Axe To A Wall explores the synergy between a woman and the four walls she calls her own. Through anecdotes and incidents, it shows us that a woman, or indeed all women who take on their own home repairs embark on more than just superficial fix-it-jobs, they dip into the renovation of their own spirits.

Thank you to The Writer's Lair books for my copy.

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