Grave Surprise Book Review

Grave Surprise
Author: Charlaine Harris
Pages: 295 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

Good read for mystery and paranormal readers. 2nd book of the series, Harper & Tolliver once again find themselves surrounded by mystery and a run of bad luck. They are called to a town cemetery by a University professor to try to uncover them as frauds, instead Harper finds a grave that  being used for new bodies and put them in the position to prove that they are not involved. Feelings start to develop with the closeness of Harper & Tolliver creating an additional tension between them.

As always with this series you have mystery, surprise and lots of bodies under awkward circumstances. It is very descriptive and a quick read to make you wonder what the next book will be about.

Synopsis: While in Memphis, psychic Harper Connelly senses-and finds-two bodies in a grave. One of a man centuries-dead. The other, a girl, recently deceased. Harper's investigation yields another surprise: the next morning, a third body is found-in the very same grave.


  1. Every time I see your name in my feed reader I have to look again the main character in the book I am reading right now is Yara - I love it! :)

  2. Love love love this series...I just wish she would have went further with it!

  3. I love this series too! I think the third fourth is my favorite book so far! Great review!


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