Into The Beautiful North Book Review

Into The Beautiful North
Author: Luis Alberto Urrea
Pages: 352 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

This is the first time I've read any book by Luis A Urrea. I must say I will be willing to read another book by this author.
Nayeli who is 19 years of age lives in a Mexican village called Tres Camarones. She realizes there are hardly any men in her village only real young or very old and the reason being they have all gone North to the States (United States) in search of work but, they have never returned her father amongst those who have not returned.
The village of Tres Camarones is being taken over by some "bandidos" drug traffickers.  Nayeli sees the move "Magnificent Seven" and gets inspired to get or go in search of her own group of seven men to save her village from the "bandidos".  Nayeli and three of her friends set out th the North in search of these men also, with her hidden plan to find her father.
They make their way across the boarder from Tijuana but, once they reach the boarder they are returned to Mexico by the U.S. Boarder Patrol. Later they are befriended by a drug smuggler who helps them cross safe to the States via a hidden tunnel.
Once in the States they recruit an abundance of Mexican men that are willing to return to Mexico but, they only need seven. 
Nayeli’s craving to find her father brings her to a missionary man who she borrows a car from and heads to Kankakee, Illinois where her father is said to be…does she find him? You get the feeling through out the book that it’s almost impossible for them because, everything is such an adventure for them. The book is also a great tale of hope and determination. The characters are great! Urrea knows exactly how to build them.
I suggest this book more towards young adults (YA). Adults will also find it enjoyable.

Synopsis: "Nineteen-year-old Nayeli works at a taco shop in the remote Mexican village of Tres Camarones and dreams about her father, who left for America years ago. Recently, it has dawned on Nayeli that he isn't the only man who has abandoned Tres Camarones. In fact, there are almost no men remaining - they've all gone north. This has also been noticed by a group of particularly nasty drug dealers, who, seeing an easy opportunity, plan to take over the town." But at a showing of the movie The Magnificent Seven at the village's decrepit theater, Nayeli has a vision: she will go north and recruit a group of men to return to the village. She will bring back her own "Siete Magnificos" to protect - and repopulate - her home. She and her friends head out for America, gathering a wild group of allies for a journey into the strange and beautiful land of their dreams and fears, the mythical place into which their fathers vanished, Their destination: a small town in Illinois, where Nayeli hopes to discover her father, her warriors, and - if she's lucky - her destiny.

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