It's Monday! What are you Reading?

It's Monday! What are you reading is hosted by One Persons Journey through a world of Books. Each week we spotlight the books we are reading, planning on reading or just finished reading.

Soul Stalker (Timeless series #2) -Yara
Double Date (Greek #1) - Jenny
An Unforgettable Lady - Yara 

Currently Reading:
Shadow of the Sun (Timeless series #1) - Jessica
Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) - Yara 

Stones Skipping on Water - Jenny
Intrinsical - Yara

What are you reading?


  1. Great list, I need to see if I can get a review copy of Soul Stalker.

  2. I'm reading Soul Stalker right now too! Sooo excited!! =) I hope you enjoy Clockwork Angel!! It is AWESOMESAUCE!

  3. Casey I was reading Clockwork when Laura gave me Soul Stalker, so i stopped half way. Now I will get to con't it.

  4. What great titles - I am trying to decide which I would like to read or all of them! LOL :)

  5. im reading extras by scott westerfeld

  6. I liked Greek the TV series but havent read the book series yet. It looks like a fun read though. Hope you have another good reading week.


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