Amost Human: Fatal Infatuation Vol 1 Book Review

Almost Human: Fatal Infatuation Vol 1
The First Trilogy
Author: Melanie Nowak
Pages: 252 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

As I began to read this book, I must say it was a bit slow for me. I was surprised that it took almost until the end to get going. However, after the book began, WOW. Although it hasn't had a hot scene yet, the chemistry between the characters is exciting. And I'm not saying just the main characters, there's this whole plot going on that you think something might happen between two characters and it doesn't but then its there again. It kept me reading just to find out what will happen next. There were times I laughed, because the author did such a great job at capturing these characters and making them family, although in the book they are not. The way they bickered and nagged each other was really funny. I am really excited to read the volumes that follow and see where the story goes.

The Story begins with felicity, she is in college and recently moved into the University dorms located in a strange town. She begins working at a bookstore where she meets Ben. Ben is also a college student and works at the book store with Felicity. they meet and become friends. One night while walking to their dorms from their shifts, they get attacked. That's when you meet Cain and Sindy. Cain is a lonesome vampire who sole purpose is to teach new vampires his style of life. Sindy on the other hand, she's young, attractive, uncontrollable and wants Cain. However, things take a wrong turn when Cain decides he wants to be with a mortal. So Sindy gets "help" from the other vampires when she decides to play a little game. There is also Allie, she is this hardcore outspoken chick who works at a bar called Tommy's near the bookstore where Felicity and Ben work. Allie and Ben have been best friends since they were young, but due to the games that Sindy is playing, a dark confession is revealed and it involves Allie. Can't wait to begin the 2nd volume in the trilogy. Stay tuned!

Synopsis: Felicity is quiet, shy and prone to self doubt. Going away to college is an opportunity to mature into a confident young woman; but her new beginning turns out to be more of an adventure than she bargained for when she finds that her new school is plagued not by bullies, but vampires! 

Cain is a man who displays quiet confidence and inner strength even as he struggles to overcome the sins of his past. Centuries ago he was reborn as a creature of the night - a vampire. Surprisingly he found that in losing his life he gained his faith and a purpose. His mission: find and educate hostile vampires to live in peace with humans; teach them discipline to control the supernatural presence within. But after meeting Felicity his most difficult task lies in controlling himself.

Together they must navigate the difficulties of addiction and desire; the perils of zombies and vampires; and struggles with abuse, morality and? college.


  1. Thank you for the good review!
    ALMOST HUMAN ~ The First Trilogy is one story told in three parts, so the first book does have a certain amount of set-up for the occurrences in the other two books for the set, and they do all need to be read together. I hope that as the series progresses, you'll like each book even better than the one before it :-)

  2. niiice imm
    u bought all that? lol it mustve cost u a fortune heheh
    I look forward to the reviews!
    happy reading!
    Bonafide Blogger


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