Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins!

Hi, it's Yara here. Yesterday in my house everyone was helping out completing the pumpkins for their school. I think we did such a great job, I decided I wanted to blog about them. My boys are 4 and 8. my 4 yr old decided he wanted a penguin pumpkin while my 8 yr old decided a UFO. We googled for some ideas and then we bought some supplies and were ready to put them together. Here is the final outcome. 


  1. Those are so adorable!! Great job!

  2. Woah, these are pumpkins!? Well, you get the prize for most creative pumpkins I've ever seen!

  3. :O Those are the BEST, most creative pumpkins I've ever seen!! They are soooooooo cute! :D

    You guys did an awesome job!

  4. Those are so adorable!!! WOW!!! Can you come to my house next!?!! LOL-Katie


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