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Welcome to The Hob! We are a site for adult fans of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games trilogy - both the books and pending movie adaptation. Read the latest Hunger Games news on our blog, then visit our forums to chat about the trilogy!

Please visit our Forum also!

We're all for lively discussions about The Hunger Games trilogy (both books and pending movie), but please keep these rules in mind while you’re participating in the forums:

*You must be over 21 yrs old to join the forums.

*Your first post on the forums needs to be an “introduction post” in the Training Center’s Introductions forum.

*Please check other threads before making a new one to avoid duplicating a thread and to help keep the forums clean and organized.

*Constructive criticism of the books is allowed, but no bashing of the books, characters, storylines or Suzanne Collins – we are fans of her and her creations.

*Once the film has been cast:
No discussion of actor’s private lives.
No photo manipulations or paparazzi shots.

*No posting of spoilers that break copyright laws, including links to illegal postings on other sites/blogs such as movie sides, scripts, outtakes, book drafts, etc. 

*Please keep cursing to minimum.

*Keep netspeak to a moderation – we’re talking to other adults here not computers.

*No advertising links in your signature or avatar.

*Moderators have the right to move, delete, or edit your posts as necessary.

*No role playing or impersonation is allowed.

*No bashing other members – we’re here to have fun and maintain a positive environment. The Hob has a zero tolerance policy – no bashing on religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.

*Respect all moderators and admin – we’re here to help!

*Please keep in mind that this is the Internet – personal information should be kept to a minimum

The Hob was founded by a group of fabulous women (if we may say so ourselves) who originally met through our love of The Twilight Saga. Soon our discussions expanded to include other books and movies, and our relationships blossomed into wonderful life-long friendships. 

Once we realized we were all equally obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy, we decided to create The Hob in September 2010 as a place for adults to come and talk about our love of the books by Suzanne Collins. Looking ahead, we hope The Hob grows into a place to discuss more books, movies, and everything else! 

After you've caught up on all the latest Hunger Games news on our blog, be sure to stop by our forums to chat with other fans about the books, the pending movie adaptation, the wonderful Suzanne Collins, and much more.

Keep up with everything from The Hob by following our blog, becoming a member of our forum, "like" us on Facebook, and folllowing us on Twitter.

Our Admin team consists of:
Amanda - girl on fire
Gabby - cinna
Holly - Primrose
Jennifer - Mockingjay
Jessica - GalesGirl
Kathryn - buttercup
Lee - TheHobSprockets
Megan - ----Katniss---->
Michelle - Peeta's Pixie
Pauline - Katniss Everdeen
Yara - Twilightsdance (that's me)

You can contact us at

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