Immortal Awakening Book Review

Immortal Awakening
Author: KC Randall
Pages: 260 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

I really enjoyed reading this book. Although it took a little long in the beginning, the middle and ending were unpredictable. However, it did remind me a lot of The Twilight series in some parts but the dialog was completely different. The ending in my opinion was exciting and I believe KC left it so she could continue with the story. After the book took off, i could not put it down. It's funny, exciting and loving. Overall the book is great.

It begins with Gregory, who is the main character and also the second oldest Immortal among all Immortals. The oldest Immortal is the Queen Eve. Gregory is alone for over a Milena and is completely depressed. He meets Nikki, a mortal in college. i will not mention why he is in college as I do not want to give away too much, but it's not what you might think. Nikki is an English Lit Major and the most compassionate, loving person you can meet. She also has a sixth sense. There are also Jenny, Lance and Rob who are Immortals, but you will never guess who they were their mortal lives. I thought it was interesting when I found out who these characters were. Jenny and Rob are a couple sometimes. I thought that was funny and Jenny's character did make me laugh a couple of times. The story takes place in California, which I thought was a little strange but like I said different. We follow two different scenarios, the first one is of The Queen. She sends over a couple of Immortals to find a prophecy who she believes is the only one who can destroy her ans the other scenario is of the love that begins between Gregory and Nikki.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it;s twists and turns compelled me to continue reading to find out what happened next. I will recommend this book.

Synopsis: Gregory has lost interest in being alive. He's been doing it for far too long. But dying is too much trouble, so he simply continues to exist in all his jaded, apathetic, eternal glory. In a hopeless attempt to find a diversion, he takes a night class at the local community college where he meets Nikki Christian. She seems to be everything he is not-young, open, honest, hopeful, charitable... the nauseating list goes on. However, Nikki is also overtly intuitive. She can see through lies and secrets in ways no human should, and Gregory has lots of secrets. Obviously, he should just eliminate her and be done with it. But there is something beguiling about a woman whose countenance shines like the sun in a world that's gone dark.

While Gregory struggles to understand this woman's mind and the disturbing effect she seems to have on him, he realizes that he's not the only one with an interest in Nikki Christian. There's a jealous ex-boyfriend, the other suspicious Immortals, and now a mysterious assassin has turned up. Despite Gregory's best efforts to keep this mortal girl alive, it seems Fate has other ideas. Is it possible for even a devil to find Happily Ever After?


  1. That was a great review!
    Now you have me wanting to read it too!!!

  2. Added to TBR pile!

    I gave you an award here!

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