Blood Moon Book Review

Blood Moon
Blood series #2
Author: T. Lynne Tolles
Pages: 190 pgs
Reading Level: Adult

Just as I hoped!!
This book is overflowing spells, love, fights, vampires, werewolves, potions it's INCREDIBLE!!
I had a feeling this book would grasp my attention it had me captivated from the beginning.
You also meet some new characters which some you’ll like and some you won’t. Allison works at the book story with Darby. She is Darby’s right hand and Darby trusts her enough to let her run the store on her own.  Dean is a werewolf who has his eyes set on Rowan and she likes him as well but, this is only because Blake decided to bail on Rowan when he found out she had turned into a werewolf since he was afraid of the werewolf line. Blake heads out to Colorado to get some help from Dean on how to see the good quality in werewolves.  Dean does not like Blake and vise versa but, the guys let by gone be by gone and they end up as friends. Dean helps Blake get Rowan back.
Rachel & Sally are the last of the Keaton line they are sisters. They are both witches Rachel is a lot more powerful than Sally and she even casts spells against her sister in order to get her to do what she (Rachel) wants. In this case she needs Sally to kid nap 13 woman in order to get the ultimate powers. Rachel is also after the book of Shadows from the O’Rielly sisters (Darby & Rowan) she needs this book to complete the spell. Rachel casts a sleeping spell on the O’Rielly household meaning: anyone inside will be fast asleep! She does this because as I mentioned she needs to get the book of shadows. She manages to cast it on Darby & Harry (the cat) since no one else was home. Devon comes in after the fact and finds it a bit odd that Harry is not walking around as soon as he gets home (Harry normally does) but, he pays no attention to it. Rachel comes face to face with Devon when she sneaks into Darby’s bedroom to steal the book not realizing anyone was awake. They get into a scuffle he breaks Rachel’s necklace off her and she runs out the house with out the book.
Darby is informed by Devon the next morning on what had occurred. She sets off a plan to go against the sisters because by this time they have kidnapped Allison.  So, they decide to give Rachel & Sally the spell so, they could get Allison back (even exchange kind of’ thing).
They end up at the mausoleum where the ceremony is taking place. Darby decides to project herself and Rachel feels she is being double crossed so she throws some kind of force towards Darby but, in an instant Devon takes Darby to the scene and places her real self at the scene since Rachel & Sally had felt a bit suspicious on how Darby did not react to the force.  In reality Sally did not want to go through with the whole thing especially after finding out that the 13 girls would be killed for this transformation to happen. Sally never informed her sister Rachel about the fight and how Darby and the rest of the gang were going to stop it from happening.
Rachel was put away for a long time on charges for the vanishing of the 13 girls. Sally & Dean hit it off and they become a couple.  Dean decides to move in to the house next door (Devon & Blake’s) and Devon and Blake move in the O’Rielly sister. 
They are sitting around the dinner table on Thanksgiving when the door bell rings…

Synopsis: Though Blake Bloomington is on the outs with Rowan O'Rielly and decides to spend some quality time with Dean Wolfe, the werewolf who helped Rowan through her first transformation as a werewolf in 'Blood of a Werewolf'. Blake hopes to learn all he can about werewolves and at the same time win Rowan back.In the interim, a slough of young women in neighboring towns all up and down the coast are mysteriously disappearing. 

Coincidentally, two stranger's are in town, who are somehow related to the Rowan and Darby O'Rielly's family's witchy past. Are they trying to get a hold of the ancient spell that is hidden in the O'Rielly's Book of Shadows or is there a vendetta to be paid? Mysteries are unravelled and old stories are told while wounds are healed and friends are made. 

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