Book Tour: Blood Trinity Review

Blood Trinity
Belador #1
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon & Dianna Love
Pages: 352 Paperback
Reading Level: Adult
Published: October 7th 2010
Review Source: Simon & Schuster
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Borders

Summary: (from goodreads) Atlanta has become the battlefield between human and demon. All her life, Evalle has walked the line between the two. Her origins unknown, she’s on a quest to learn more about her past and her future.

But when a demon claims a human and there’s no one else to blame, Evalle comes under fire. It’s no longer a question of learning about herself, it’s a question of survival. Through the underground of an alternate Atlanta where nothing is as it seems to the battleground of where her VIPER allies have become the force that is now hunting her, Evalle must prove her innocence or pay the ultimate price.

But proving her innocence is the least of her problems if she doesn’t stop the coming apocalypse. The clock is ticking and it’s about to become a lot hotter in Atlanta.

We were lucky to be invited to participate in this blog tour but due to shipping reasons several books didn't make it in time to bloggers. We still Thank Simon & Schuster for the review copies.

I'm a fan of Kenyon for a long time and I was glad to know she had a new series coming out partner up with Love. This is not your typical fantasy book at all. There is a lot of new material mixed in with the real human world. I will admit it took me a little bit to get familiar with all the new terminology and things mentioned in the story. Once you get over that, I was deep in Atlanta riding along with Evalle. Evalle is a half breed and not accepted in her Team. She is part Alterant and Belador. The Alterant side of her is what no one accepts, they fear she will shift and attack the Beladors. She has 2 members of her team she trust with her life because of a situation all 3 help each other out with in the beginning of the book. She then has to deal with her boss you can say Sen, he has it out for Evalle. She gets involved in to a few things happening at the same time, that she needs to figure out to keep her job and hide. Then we also meet 2 certain males that you can say start confusing or making Evalle loose her focus. I will say I love Evalle Strength through out the whole book! Get ready to be immersed in a book full of Demons, Half-breeds and Magik.

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