The Reapers are The Angels Book Review

The Reapers are The Angels
Author: Alden Bell
Pages: 225 pgs
Reading Level: YA

I am not a fan of apocalyptic fiction. This book started painfully slow and very sparse on the descriptions. There is a 15 or 16 year old girl that is in a constant fight for survival in a world fuel of zombies. You come to realize that her fight is not only against the monsters but her own past. This book might be popular with Zombies or End of the world story lovers but it did not do it for me.

Synopsis: Zombies have infested a fallen America. A young girl named Temple is on the run. Haunted by her past and pursued by a killer, Temple is surrounded by death and danger, hoping to be set free. 

For twenty-five years, civilization has survived in meager enclaves, guarded against a plague of the dead. Temple wanders this blighted landscape, keeping to herself and keeping her demons inside her heart. She can't remember a time before the zombies, but she does remember an old man who took her in and the younger brother she cared for until the tragedy that set her on a personal journey toward redemption. Moving back and forth between the insulated remnants of society and the brutal frontier beyond, Temple must decide where ultimately to make a home and find the salvation she seeks.

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  1. I have this one on my shelf. I do dig end of the world tales so I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for your honest take :)


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