Blood of a Werewolf Book Review

Blood of a Werewolf
Blood Series #1
Author: T. Lynne Tolles
Pages: 196 pgs
Reading Level: YA

I love this 1st book! It really caught my attention the body of the book and the cover. The concept of the book is somewhat like Twilight if your into the Twilight saga you'll love this book. I could see I am going to love love the other books. I'm aleady reading book to 2 and I am also enjoying this one...looks like it will keep getting better and better.
The O'Rielly sisters Darby & Rowan live in a small town were they have lived all of their lives. They live in the house that was inherited to them when their parents died a few years ago. They are from a long line of witches. The girls have never practiced their gift but, they do carry their family book with them. Darby owns a book store and all though the sister's live together they hardly ever see each other mainly because Rowan finds it a bit hard to keep appointments. She makes plans to meet up with Darby at a local bar but, she never makes it. Rowan is more like the wild child and Darby always keeps her ground and tries very hard to keep her sister grounded but, its kinda hard for her. They get along very well and they love each other no matter what.
Darby meets Devon who somehow moved right next door to the girls without her even noticing it. Devon is tall and very handsome and has these eyes that can make you melt. Devon is at Paddy's the local pub that Rowan and Darby are suppose to meet at. Darby is waiting for Rowan like usual but, she does not show instead Darby has a deep conversation with Devon. They talk about things they have not really shared with anyone else. You could say it was love at first sight for them. Devon was head over heals for Darby as soon as he saw her. Devon also has a younger brother named Blake. Blake is taller than Devon and he is just like Rowan Darby's sister...a little on the wild side. These two brothers are not just handsome but, they are born vampires of royal blood.
Rowan never meet up with her sister at the pub because she has also found someone she connected with from the start. When it was time to meet each others new mates they realized they were each involved with each others sibling which was cool because they did not have to hid there "family secret" from each other as a matter of fact it brought them closer and they were able to experience things together and help each other out at the same time. The O'Rielly sister's and the Bloomington brothers are great/perfect matches for each other.
Terrence Paine is out on the hunt for the brothers (Devon & Blake) he killed their parents when the boys were younger because the boys father did not save Mr. Paine's son. Terrence vowed that he will kill the boys just as he did their parents. He sent a Van Helsing "type" kill the brothers. When Darby faces herself with this situation and Devon at her feet hurt something happens to her that has never happened before. She builds some kind of force that protects herself and Devon but, send the Van Helsing look alike flying he hits a tree and is killed by this impact. After this they start working on helping Darby with her powers and start a plan to get back at Terrence Paine. While trying to set their plan against Terrence Paine Rowan is kidnapped by another one of Terrence's men. They take her to him and Terrence then injects her with werewolf blood (thinking she is a vampire) he assumes that both bloods will fight against each other in side her body and she will die. The only thing is that Rowan is not a vampire she is a witch and by injecting her with the werewolf blood it just turns her into a werewolf. Blake is scared of what Rowan has become only because he is not correctly informed of the werewolf line just as people are not fully informed of the vampire life. If you would like to know more you must read Blood of a Werewolf!
Book 1 of 4 is amazing! I could only imagine how the others will be.

Synopsis: Darby O'Rielly is not your typical girl next door. She and her sister are ancestral witches, but have never been taught the art of their craft in an attempt to have the girls 'fit in' to their tiny community. When a dark stranger and his brother enter her life, love blooms and havoc ensues. For these two handsome brothers aren't just good looking, they are 'born vampires' of royal blood and they have hunters hot on their trail. When a Van Helsing wanna-be arrives and threatens Devon and Blake's immortal lives, Darby unleashes a deadly magic in order to save them. As vengeance for killing his hunter, our villain kidnaps, Rowan, Darby's sister and injects her with werewolf blood. Darby, Devon and Blake take a redeye to Maine to try and save her. A search then ensues to find a werewolf named Dean who isn't exceptionally friendly or eager to help friends of vampires. Will Rowan survive her transformation or will the werewolf blood wreak havoc on her body and kill her. You'll find out when you read this action packed urban fantasy romance novel yourself.


  1. Wow...Thanks for the lovely review, Jessica. It doesn't get much better than that....Hope you enjoy the others.

  2. You are very welcome! You did a great job and its a well written book. I'm on the second one and it already has me hooked :)


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