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Welcome to back to the BEST I'VE READ 2010! BIR2010 will run from December 6th through December 14th. This will be a annual event and this year its compromised of 9 blogs. Each day each blog will have multiple post and giveaways happening each day until its over. Then on the last day there will also be a Grand Prize Giveaway on the BIR2010 Blog.

We start the last day of BIR2010 with a interview from Becca Wilhite author of My Ridiculous Romantic Obsession

Once Upon: How would you describe My Ridculous Romantic Obesssions to someone who has not read your novel yet?

Becca: This is a shameless romantic comedy, heavy on the comedy. Sarah, our completely clueless heroine, tries to hide her penchant for reading trashy romance novels, but the voices in her head won't let her forget what a "real romance" is supposed to be. So when Ben comes on the scene, Sarah has a hard time fitting him (and herself) into her little fantasy world.

Once Upon: What are you reading now?

Becca: I just started "Beautiful Creatures" by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, and so far, it's excellent.

 Once Upon: Are there any authors (living or dead) that you would name as influences?

Becca: I think any writer takes away something from every book she's read. So there are loads of authors that have influenced me - even if it's so I say "I will NEVER write like that guy." But mostly, I love to soak up great writing and try to recreate my version of it. I love Miss Jane Austen, and I can't get enough of Pride and Prejudice. I read it at least once a year (and possibly keep an emergency copy in my purse). Also, I adore Sharon Creech. Plus, I may kneel at the feet of Kate DiCamillo, because she is so incredible diverse, and everything I've read by her is stunning.

Once Upon: What is the book that most influenced your life and why?

Becca: Wow. You ask hard questions. That is almost impossible to answer, because there are so many influential books. I'll pick one, though, because you asked so nicely. "Les Miserables" has made me look twice before I condemn anyone. It has made me rethink my distaste for flowery, Romanticism-style language. And it has one of my favorite lines ever: "They spoke in loud voices about everything, and in whispers about something else." (Also, spawning excellent musical theatre is a sure way for me to like you.)

Once Upon: Give us 3 good to know facts about you. Be creative.

Becca: 1. I don't think of myself as terribly creative. I am learning to rethink that mindset, but it's a hurdle for me. 2. I love butter. And ice cream. And white bread. And I'm a bit of a snob about all of it. 3. I love to teach, and the more school visits I do, the more I remember that I love kids - even other people's kids.

Once Upon: Who is your all time favorite fictional character?

Becca: If I could revert to the 12-year-old girl inside me, I'd be madly in love with the lemon-haired Rudy Steiner from Markus Zusak's "The Book Thief." (Oh, who am I kidding? I'm already a little in love with him, even without the time-travel.)

Thank you Becca for taking time out to awnser our questions.  

My Ridiculous Romantic Obsessions
Author: Becca Wilhite
Published by: Shadow Mountain

Book summary: Sarah Howard's first year at the university is everything and nothing she expected especially when a very cute boy named Ben in her Art History class starts to show interest in her.

Sarah feels like she's an average, normal, everyday girl. So, when Ben (to whom she secretly refers as Adonis because she thinks he could be a Greek god) begins to take interest in her, Sarah is in denial. For one thing, last year she was deeply crushed and humiliated by Jesse James a guy who she thought liked her.

She's determined not to get burned again. But in her heart of hearts, what she really wants is a Jane Austen kind of romance. Ridiculous, right? That kind of romance doesn t exist anymore . . . or does it? Sarah is smart and fun to be around and even pretty, despite her Medusa-like red curls. She even plays the guitar. (So does Ben!) Yes, Sarah is everything Ben has wanted. He's crazy for her, but Sarah is just not getting it. She's playing hard to get, and if she s not careful, she s going to lose a real hot gentleman -- her 21st-century Mr. Darcy.

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