Sarah's Fate Book Review

Sarah's Fate
The Maldito Series #3
Author: Christy Trujillo
Pages: ebook (245 pgs)
Reading Level: YA
Published: September 1st 2010

I am in love with this series and wished it never ended. I especially loved this story because of Sarah's character. She is charismatic, funny, strong, intelligent, talented and her no bull personality made for an amazing story. The author integrated all the characters from the previous books and made a more challenging story line with an unexpected end. Although I feel that she rushed the end a little and was a little disappointed that the attack with Casey was just too fast and too easy it was still a great story. I'm wondering if she's going to tell Cale's story next or if she will tell the story of Sarah's and Andres child next. That would be interesting and I will definitely read that!
This story begins with the story of Emmy's and Cale's daughter. She is human among all of her super powered family and has lived her life learning self defense taught by her mother. She has been accepted to the University of Trenton in New York City and is excited to leave all this vampire hunting aside and live like a normal human. When she's all settled in and lands the perfect job as a singing waitress, she falls in love. (I won't mention anything else because them I'm giving away too much.) Anyways, all hell breaks loose when her roommate/best friend is bitten and strange disappearances are happening at the University of Trenton. They are new super natural beings in this story and old characters come in the story to help save the world! 
Great book, I would recommend it.

Summary: Sarah: 
Could my life be any crazier? Wait, don’t answer that. I’m sure it could. When you grow up with vampire hunter parents, crazy kind of comes with the territory. Thank goodness I moved completely across the country to New York for college. My roommate and best friend, Maria, was able to get me a job at this posh restaurant where all the wait staff perform on stage, I’m so excited. Oh, and the owner is, how do I say this, H-O-T. This is going to be great! New school, new job, there’s no way this can get screwed up. Right? Wait, don’t answer that. 


New York is my city. I do what I can to protect her. I know I can never redeem myself, never be forgiven for what I have become, but night after night, I try. It was an existence I had become accustomed to. I didn’t need to have anyone come waltzing into my life and turn it upside down, but we can’t always plan for fate. Sometimes it just happens. Sarah happened to me. In a matter of weeks, she changed everything I wanted, everything I needed. She can’t know what I am, or what I used to be. She can never find out. I will protect her, even if it means protecting her from me. 

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