Emmy's Heart Book Review

Emmy's Heart
The Maldito Series #2
Author: Christy Trujillo
Pages: ebook
Reading Level: YA
Published: July 1st 2010

As soon as I was finished with Emmy’s Song, I had to pick up the next installment. I just could not sleep until I finished both books. I had to know what happened next, that’s how these books will entrap you. This story has all you can find in a romance story and more. It has endearing love, comedy, action, suspense and much much more. There are love scenes which are not explicit and I thought that the author did an amazing job at captivating that part. I fell in love with the story from the very start. When I first received these books I was unaware that it had vampires involved as the title does not indicate anything of the sort. But don’t judge the book (title) but it’s cover!
Emmy has fallen in love with Cale Cruz. A half human/half vampire in the Maldito race who have been cursed. In this installment Emmy has learned why her connection with Cale is so strong as well as she’s the cure for the Maldito cruse. When a three hundred year old vampire Nathaniel kidnaps her, and has learned that he’s been after her and her family for over 60 years, she is caught in between the war of the vampires and the Maldito race. With Cale, her best friend Chris and the entire Maldito elders by her side, she must choose between the good and the evil. But what if the evil is good too? OMG too good! I especially loved the ending! Can’t wait to read the third installment Sarah!

Summary: The day she met him, Emmy thought she was meant to be with Cale Cruz. After discovering her blood was the cure to the curse his family had suffered generation after generation, she knew it was true. Now Emmy is the center of an ancient battle between vampires and Maldito, a race of half-vampire, half-humans, and is fighting for her own life. Betrayed and alone, Emmy will come face to face with the enemy, and the lines will blur. Caught between good and evil, she will have to make a decision which side she is on. Will her love for Cale help her to stay in the light or will her taste of darkness send her spiraling out of control to a place where no one can reach her? With each passing moment a choice is not made, the possibilities for disaster grow. But as we know, when love is stronger than death, anything is possible.

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