Movie Review: The American

The American
Director: Anton Corbijn
Cast: George Clooney, Paolo Bonacelli and Violante Placido
Runtime: 105 mins
Rating: R
Released: September 1st 2010

This movie was a big disappointment. We actually paid to watch it on Pay per view and in HD. I don't understand why they save the movie is a thriller when its not. Its a very slow Drama. It also has a lot of x-rated scenes with a prostitute that I was not expecting. The storyline is weak and not exciting at all. The ending was one of those that you say "That's It?" I do not recommend this movie at all to anyone.

Plot: An assassin hides out in Italy for one last assignment.


  1. My husband and I were very disappointed with it too. Not only was it a little too "porno" for us, it just lacked it so many areas.

  2. Yes Jennie thats what it was a Porno really with no storyline.


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