Reading Nook of the Week: Mandy at Twimom101 Book Blog

Reading Nook of the Week

Today we bring you a fellow Twilightmom and avid book blogger. Please welcome Mandy, Mandy runs Twimom101's Book Blog. Mandy's blog dedicates it self to updates for Authors and books and she post ongoing giveaways from fellow bloggers. So make sure to stop on by and Say Hi. 

Mandy: I usually do all my reading in bed. Not exciting or all that..but its my little oasis that I find cozy and mine! If I were to venture to any other spot in my house I would be inundated with kids. So this is my spot, the place where you will find me reading my nookie.
Mandy Anderson @twimom101

 Thanks Mandy for the great pictures of your oasis. I am loving those socks! Did you realize that your Nook matches your socks and wall color? 

If you would like to participate in Reading Nook of the week, just shoot us a EMAIL. We love to feature your special spot. 


  1. haha! yeah I love green!! :o)
    thanks for the post!

  2. LOVE IT!! Mandy, you are AWESOME!! ~hugs~

  3. Green is my favorite color too. My office is the color green. My nook's cover is green too.

  4. Green is my favorite color as well. :) My Nook also has a green cover on it.

    Thanks for the link to Mandy! I added her to my Reader. :)

  5. ah thanks JuJu...we actually just bought a new frame cause I am always hitting elbows on it. and it hurts.


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