Book Review: Threads West

Threads West
An American Saga - book one
Author: Reid Lance Rosenthal
Pages: 240 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Released: October 12th 2010
Review Source: The Cadence Group

I was not expecting some of the context in this novel, It caught me off guard  actually. This sets the series up and we get introduced to the characters. The timeline is in the 1850's and its about several immigrants that come together on a ship to the United States. You learn as to why each of them must leave their home country and make that long journey to beginning a new life. Every chapter sets you up for the next 5 novel in this 6 part series. The book has action, spirit and passion. The characters are interesting and believable. The author work it with a great pace to it, you will want to know what is next. My only negative really is the sex scenes. I don't have a problem with these kinds of scenes unless they are mostly about rape or adultery. This is a tough subject matter for me to handle and usually I don't read books that involved that. Going in I didn't know that these scenes were involved, I would have like a warning beforehand. They are pretty graphic and very detailed. So you have my warning. If you are a true fan of a Western and the stories of Immigrants that came to be in the US, then this is the book for you.

Summary: From the Author:
The epic saga of Threads West begins in 1855 with the first of four richly-textured, complex generations of unforgettable characters. The separate lives of these driven men and independent women are drawn to a common destiny that beckons seductively from the wild and remote flanks of the American West. They are swept into the dangerous currents of the far-distant frontier by the mysterious rivers of fate, the power of the land and the American spirit. Their turbulent journeys are heartbreaking quests intertwined with romance and adversity, passions and pathos, despair and triumph.

This is not only their story. It is our story.

It is Threads West: An American Saga.

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