Once upon a Signing: Girls in the Stacks

Once Upon a Book Signing

Today we welcome not one but three lovely ladies we all know in the blog world. We know them as The Girls in the Stacks. They are known as Nancy, Shannan and Stacy. Today they share with us those book signings that were great for them. 

Stacy: Two words. Maggie Stiefvater. That book signing was amazing for many reasons. First because Maggie is brilliantly funny, her antidotal stories were hilarious. Also, not only did she spend oodles of time with us backstage, she rocked our interview with her. Plus that is the event that we met some of our best blogging friends.

Nancy: My most memorable signing was the Chicks Kick It Tour where I got to meet several of my favorite authors and spend time chatting with them "backstage" before the signing.  I had stars in my eyes the whole evening!  Plus hanging out in the crowd and meeting other fans who loved them - it totally rocked!

Shannan: My most memorable book signing is our first official one for the blog.  We are video nuts and wanted to get a video interview with the ever so adorable Becca Fitzpatrick.  After emailing back and forth, we ended up having time the night of her signing in Dallas, and thus our video interviews began.  We will always be graciously indebted to her. 

Thank you ladies for sharing with us today. I agree with you all on each of you choices they are wonderful. Now remember to stop pn by their site and say a big Texas Hello. Make sure while your their to check out their Podcasts and Videos

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