Valentine's Day: Books with LOVE Hop Guest Post- Christy Trujillo

Valentine's Day: Books with LOVE Hop

It just wonderful that we can keep celebrating love even after Valentine's Day has passed. Author Christy Trujillo shares with us a great post, i know you will enjoy reading. Christy is the author of The Maldito Series. Christy was very kind in adding to the giveaway her whole series in e-format with a iTunes giftcard. 

Frankenstein Heart

I think the word love gets thrown around a lot. I’m guilty of this myself. I tell virtually everyone that I love them and when speaking of people always say, “Oh I love {insert random person’s name here}.” But the truth of the matter is, love, real love, isn’t something to just throw around.
Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl and a handsome young man. Both itching to make their place in this world, they joined the military. As they say, it was love at first sight and they were soon married and went on to have three kids. Well, the third was kind of a surprise but a good surprise all in all. They had their ups and downs, as any married couple would but over the years they formed a bond based on trust and respect. Then one day, the girl became very ill. Cancer, they told her. The treatments left her lifeless; unable to work, take care of the kids, she could hardly get out of bed some days. Through it all, he remained by her side. Took care of the kids, her, everything. I know he would cry, in the shower, or on the drive home, but he would never let her see. And the tears weren’t of self-pity, what would he do with the kids, what would he do with the bills, no, the tears were fear because God help him, what would he do without her. A year later, as what I can only describe as a miracle (and a little bit of good happening to the good guy finally) she got better. I mean, 100%, cancer free better. Today, they are more in love than ever.
No, this isn’t me; it’s a good friend of mine at work. Anytime someone asks me what real love is, I think of them. I think I know their secret (other than they are both just generally awesome) and it’s that they love each other as is. No, ‘well if he would only do this’, or ‘man I wish she would do that.’ They just accept each other whole heartedly. I write about young love since to me, it is the only time we can ever truly give ourselves completely. It’s that optimistic hope of innocence before the reality of the cold world sets in and clouds our vision that allows us to love with our whole heart because after that, we never really get it back.
These two were lucky enough to marry the one that they gave their whole heart to. Me? Well, I never really got my whole heart back but found someone who was able to give me some of theirs so now I’m sort of a Frankenstein heart, a little of this and a little of that. It works for me because if you’ve never felt the pain of a break, how do you really appreciate the beauty when things get put back together? So whether you are a break-free heart, or a Frankenstein like me, I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day full of happiness and surprises this year.
“Love is the only shocking act left on the planet.” ~ Reed/Ashton Kutcher from Valentine’s Day.
Go shock someone.

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  1. Am like you I say I love blah blah but true love is something special and I hope someday to find it. The story of your friend is inspiritional and shows True love :)


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