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Vampire Crush: The Series
So if the universe just happened to make all of my dreams come true, bubble tea would be free, karaoke would be a mandatory part of all parties, and Vampire Crush would be bought by ABC Family and turned into a series sort of like Greek, only with vampire covens instead of sororities and fangs instead of, uh . . . pins. Okay, it’s not a perfect analogy yet, but I’m sure we can iron 
out all of the details in pre-production. To help the producers out, I’ve even cast the whole show! Take a look, TV peoples.  
(Note: A few of these selections and their explanations were previously written in a Good Choice Reading interview. It’s not cheating if you ‘fess up, right?)
Sophie McGee:
Emma Stone is Sophie! I will fight people on this. I loved her in Easy A, and she has great comedic timing as well as general fearlessness when it comes to being goofy. She also has freckles, which is actually important for plotty reasons.
Ethan Peck was most recently Patrick in the 10 Things I Hate About You, the TV series, and I 
think he’d be perfect for James. I won’t fight you on this, but if you suggested otherwise, I might 
scoff. The black curly hair is James all over, and Ethan’s snarky repartee skills get an A+ grade 
from me.
I’d choose Benjamin Walker for Vlad, the villain of Vampire Crush. He’s already perfected the 
art of looking good with blood on your shirt and his turn as Andrew Jackson in the Broadway 
musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson proves that he can be obnoxiously arrogant in a funny 
way. Bonus note: he was just cast as Abraham Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. 
Wrong side, Ben! Wrong side! But close.
Amanda Seyfried’s career has blossomed in the last few years, but maybe she would still take 
time to play Caroline, Sophie’s stepsister and fashion taskmaster. I like to think of Caroline as a smarter version of Mean Girls’s Karen.

Violet would go to Daveigh Chase, although she would have to go platinum blonde. It’s okay, 
though, because I would do her hair for free, and throw in some accidental avant-garde bangs 
on the side. You’re welcome, Daveigh! This decision all came down to the voice, which is 
Violet-ly girlish. Daveigh did both the voice of Lilo in Lilo & Stitch and then the creepy little girl in The Ring, which is perfect, because Violet can be both creepy and charming in her pursuit of boyfriendage.
He is Violet’s nerdish suitor, and as such, I think Dan Byrd would be pretty perfect for the role. I 
loved him as Justin in the short-lived series Alien in America, and I hear he’s up to good things 
now in Cougar Town. Although it would of course come down to how well he worked with his 
co-star, the hamster, who I hear is a diva.
If Nina Dobrev wouldn’t mind being in yet another vampire show, I think she’d rock it as 
Marisabel, Vlad’s long-suffering girlfriend who spends most of her time in the high school 
loitering in the bathroom. She’s good at playing sweet, but also can be very atta girl when it’s 
time for her character to stand up for herself.
Confession. I totally don’t really know who would play in Neville, so before I did this I typed in 
“Red Haired Actors” into Google to see who was available. And then I saw Damian Lewis and 
went, “I love Damian Lewis! Why isn't he younger? Why aren’t you younger, Damian Lewis?” 
and then I thought, if this is my dream cast, I will just say that Neville will be played Damian Lewisafter he drank some sort of Youth potion. . . Yes. Perfect. (Life was a good show, killed way 
before it’s time. And if you’re ever trolling around Netflix looking for something to watch, I love 
him in the “Much Ado About Nothing” episode of Shakespeare Retold).
Random Person Who Is In Every Scene
This person will be played by Richard Armitage. That is all. I have included a picture just in case you were imagining Richard Armitage the politician. But if he wants to be an extra or anything,
I’m sure we can work something out.

+++Signed HARDCOVER copy of Vampire Crush
+++A pair of whale-dotted pajama pants, a la Sophie.
+++Bat-shaped cookie cutter
+++Cute vampire monster mirror
+++"Vampire Blood" hand gel.

+++Signed paperback copy of Vampire Crush
+++"Vampire Blood" hand gel

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