Booking Through Thursday: 3/24/11

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Series? Or Stand-alone books?

Yara's Answer: I have to go with series hands-down. I feel sometimes with stand-alone's that you didn't get enough of those characters you love. I've also noticed in some series, the first one is just a taste of whats to come. So that's my final answer,lol. 

Jenny's Answer: Definitely go for Series! When I love a book I hate for it to end so that's why I prefer to read a series. You get to learn about all the characters in the story instead of the just the main one and usually there's also history you learn. So yes I prefer series. 

Ana's AnswerI would have to say a series but they both have their pros and cons.  A series at least cures my little "I want more" craving after reading a really good book.  After reading most books, I'm left with that "I wish it never ended" or "I wish I knew what would have if blah blah blah ." I don't know if that's just me but after I read a really good book, thats a stand alone, I always feel like I want more.  But the down fall to a series I think is the waiting for the new book to be released.  I have to admit that its nerve wrecking and it drives me insane. lol 

How about you? what do you prefer?


  1. Looks like it's an unanimous vote for series here.
    I don't mind either as long as the story is good. I have favourites that are both series and stand-alones.

  2. I like both as long as it keeps you reading.

  3. I like both and I LOVE a book that keeps me wanting more! I can read and reread a book like that.

    To clarify my answer see My Bookshelf.


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