Movie Review: Life as we Know It

Life as we Know It
Director: Greg Berlanti
Cast: Katherine Heigl, Josh Duhamel, Josh Lucas, Christina Hendricks, Jean Smart
Runtime: 115 mins
Rating: PG-13
Released: October 8th 2010

What a great romantic comedy, I could not stop laughing. The movie's plot begin with such a devastating event, but it will not make you feel all horrible inside. The movie has a great flow and you were always guessing what would be said next that would make you laugh. The actors chosen for the parts were perfect. The baby who plays Sophie, she was incredible. She won me over. Youmust watch with the family, everyone will be in stiches laughing it up.

Holly and Eric are left in charge of their best friend daughter when they pass away due to car accident. They never expected they were named as the guardian of the child. The terms of the will is they both have to move in to the child's house to raise her together. Let's just say for these two single people its not a walk in the park, especially since they really don't get along. Will they be able to prove to child services they will be fit parents for Sophie or will they fall apart and loose her? Go out and rent the movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Plot: Two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident.


  1. This was such a cute movie! Great review of it!

  2. Thanks! I know it was just so funny and cute.

  3. I really enjoyed this one, and it was actually refreshing to see a pair of actors that had chemistry. It seems like most rom coms lately are couples that don't fit well and just use blunt humor to make up for it.

    Oh, and the soundtrack to this movie was awesome!

  4. I saw this movie a couple weeks ago, and I absolutely LOVED it! Josh Duhamel is absolutely charming, and the story is simple, yet captivating xD Great review!!


  5. Thanks for this review! When I saw the trailer a few months ago, I was hoping it would be good because it looked so cute. I'm thrilled to read that it was good and I should go rent it. I'm on it!


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