Once Upon a Signing: Casey from Dark Readers

Once Upon a Book Signing

Let's give a warm welcome to Casey from Dark Readers blog. Casey is all the way in the UK. Let's read to see who Casey met and loved. 

Casey: Meeting Becca: I met Becca at ET4 (Eternal twilight convention) and I was more excited meeting her than meeting the twilight stars, just because she's one of my favourite authors and such a nice person. The day I met her was kinda funny because when I went to queue up there were two other authors signing there too BUT they had like 10 people queueing up to meet them and Becca's queue went out the door!! When I got up to her I said who I was and she got up to hug me because she remembered me from twitter. We spoke about how her ending in Cresendo was totally going to be different and how Scott was going to be the bad guy instead of Rixon (which I was totally OMG about) But she was lovely and we spoke for a couple of minuites before I had to go to let other people get things signed. So that's pretty much it! It awesome meeting her and can't wait to meet her again! (I hope) 

Wow! How great that she remembered you and gave you a hug. It's great when they share details from their books with us. Well Thank you Casey for sharing with us today your wonderful signing with Becca. Make sure you stop Dark Readers and say Hello. Make sure to check out all the great book tours Casey is participating in. 

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