Reading Nook of the Week: Michelle at Hooked to Books

Reading Nook of the Week

Today we welcome Michelle from Hooked to Books blog. So let's see where Michelle loves to read.

Michelle: I have two places where I do all my reading - either in bed or on the couch. I love both but it really depends on the situation as to where I'm at. My hubby works night shift so most nights I'm in bed by 8:30pm with a book (and Twitter). Jackson (my dog) is also part of my reading nook - wherever I am he is with me. If hubby is sleeping and I want to read, I've gotta stay on the couch or I wake him up. I love my blanket for the couch so either place is perfect

Both areas look great for reading. Now Jackson is just too adorable. Thanks for inviting us in. Now everyone make sure to stop by Hooked to Books and say hello to Michelle. Michelle did her first Vlog post for In My Mailbox. 

 Hooked to Books 


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