Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop

Autism Awareness Giveaway Hop is hosted by I Am Reader, Not A Writer, Just Another Book Addict, Fire and Ice Photo and Page Turners. This hop will run from April 11th to April 14th. This hop is too help spread the word about Autism since April is Autism Awareness Month. 

Before I announce the giveaway. I wanted to tell you about a simple download you can do to help raise money for Autism. The website has a EZ Shopper app you download into your browser. So if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, you can get it. This app will know when you are shopping in one of the 500+ retailers listed as contributors. So example if you are shopping in Barnes & Noble, having the app installed will automatically let Barnes & Noble know you have made a purchase and then contribute a percentage of your sale. Real easy, you dont have to do anything, it automatically detect when your shopping. So just take a few seconds to download this easy addition to your browser so you can help contribute to Autism.

This hop is special to me because my Nephew/Godson Adrian. He has Autism and he is now 18 years old. He makes us all proud in the family with everything he has accomplished and become. This year he will receive his certificate for completing High School and then he will attend Roosevelt Warm Springs in GA. To read more about Roosevelt Warm Spring Institute CLICK HERE

For More Information about Autism

So now for the goodies! 

YA Prize:
  • Signed Haven by Kristi Cook
  • Teen Book Con Swag

Adult Prize:

To Enter:
  • Open Internationally
  • Giveaway Ends April 14th at midnight
  • Fill out the FORM


  1. I'm a little ashamed to say that I know much about autism... So I'm glad about this event, I learn more, and I think it's important. So thank you for all the links you provide :) And of course, for the giveaway ;)

  2. Thanks for spreading the word on autism!

  3. My son is in the autistic spectrum as well. I'm participating in this hop because it's so important to raise awareness ... so many people think of autistic children as not having potential. Thanks so much for your participation as well!

  4. thanks for the information and the giveaway!

  5. Autism has no cure. It affects 1 in 110 children born today. The percentage of children with autism skyrocketed in these recent years. We as parents to these autisic children must be well informed so we can help our children. My son is 10 years old and he has autism. And he is so bright and smart. I will fight to my last breath for him! (Do not enter me) just came in to thank you all for bringing awareness to us all.


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