Book Review: The Flash of a Firefly

The Flash of a Firefly
Kindred Blood #1
Author: Amber Riley
Pages: 160 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Published: June 3rd 2010
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon / Borders / Barnes & Noble

Summary: (from goodreads) Trying to put his past behind him, Kaden moves to New York City where he creates a new life for himself. And that isn't easy, considering the fact that he's a six-hundred-year-old vampire who hasn't fed on a human in more than a century. Unfortunately, the past isn't something you can always escape from. When old enemies resurface, they come with a message. His master wants him back and refusing isn't an option. Confronted with losing both his freedom, as well as the human that has captivated him, Kaden struggles to hold onto his humanity while controlling his darker side. He knows the showdown is inevitable. He must find a way to stand his ground.

“The Flash of the Firefly” caught my attention as soon as I read the first paragraph. It was suspenseful from the very beginning and kept you guessing what happened next. I liked that the author kept it original and did not try to incorporate any new theories or change any of the old theories about vampires. I also liked that there are werewolves in this story. However, the way she told the story about the werewolves and the vampires was interesting and I really liked that they were friends instead of enemies. I believe that all supernatural beings should be at least tolerable to each other, instead of always fighting against each other especially when their powers are extremely different and this story has just that. The only thing that I didn’t like was that there was not enough romance to my liking. You see, I am a romance junkie and although I liked where the relationship between Lyn and Kaden was going it wasn’t as romantic as I would have liked. Other than the romance this book is awesome and I recommend it to any/everyone.
 The story begins with Kaden, a vampire who escaped from Spain and his Royal duties when he found out the entire truth about his change. He changed his entire life style and is now living on his own without any plans on returning to Spain, or so he thought. He meets Lyn a college student who’s the niece of his antique dealer, Tom. Kaden is completely surprised by the attraction this girl has on him and doesn’t know what to do or how to proceed. When vampires start showing up from Spain claiming they were sent to bring Kaden back to his thrown, he caught in a battle that he knows he might loose. Things begin to evolve and Kaden doesn’t know who’s on his side, or who will betray him and when humans and werewolves begin to disappear, Kaden is left with a decision.  To fight or return. Which will he choose? Read and find out!! You won’t be disappointed!

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