Book Review: Relationship Obits

Relationship Obits
Author: Kathleen Horan
Pages: 192 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Published: July 1st 2009
Review Source: HarperOne
Available: Amazon / Borders / BN.Com

Summary: (from goodreads) Kathleen Horan, a reporter at WNYC, founded when after a difficult breakup with her boyfriend, her father passed away two weeks later. As she was writing her father's obituary, Kathleen recognized how helpful it was to have a place to celebrate that life, recognize the survivors, and put things to rest. She began to wonder what it would be like to write another obituary - this time for the death of her relationship. How it would be remembered. Cause of death. Survivors (if any). Date of birth and the date it breathed it's last. Thus "Relationship Obits" was born. "Relationship Obits" is more than just a book for people who've been burned by love (although who hasn't). It's a celebration of love, a recognition that we all go through the end of relationships and just as much as love is a huge part of life, so is loss of that love.

So how funny is a book written like if each story is a obituary. The author took stories of love go wrong and turn them in to these obituaries with dates when the relationship started and the date when it broke up. This a very quick read. I would say about half the stories are funny while the rest were ok. This book is like a good book to give as a gag or part of a gift basket. Its small and compact. 

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