Happy Earth Day

Here are some ways we can help celebrate Earth Day year round.

  • Plant a Tree - This can be such a great activity to do as a family. Start with a seed or a tiny grown tree.
  • Build a Bird House - This is also a great idea for the family and will bring new birds into your garden.
  • Recycle - If you town has ways to recycle take advantage of them and do it. Either using bins or drop of locations. 
  • Old Toys Recycle - Have your kids outgrown their toys well pass them along to smaller children and that conserves waste. 
  • Litter - If you are at a park or any place really and see litter, pick it up and place inside the garbage can.
  • Wear Green - This is to support Earth Day. Im wearing Green today. 
  • Walk - If you can walk or even ride your bike to a place, that less time you have to use your car. 
  • Books - Never throw away a book, pass it along to a friend or donate it. You can also use Paperbackswap.com and trade it out. 
  • Learn - Read up about ways you can help the Earth everyday.
Remember Every Day is Earth Day!

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