Reading Nook of the Week: Lori from Romancing the Darkside

Reading Nook of the Week

Hi everyone today we welcome Lori from Romancing the Darkside blog. So lets take a look at where Lori likes to do her reading. 

I can read anywhere from on vacation on a sunny beach to the crowded NYC subways, but my favorite place to do my reading is in my bedroom. My room is my sanctuary, it's quiet, comfy and where I keep my book collection so there's always a book around. Sometimes I'll light a scented candle or two for a more relaxing ambiance. I love to do my reading at night when I can read without interruption and have been known to stay in bed on the weekends and squeeze in a few chapters before my day Nook is always at arms reach on my nightstand for this very reason. Unwinding with a great book and a cup of tea in my room is the perfect ending to my day!

Great spots and I see some great books. The lighting is very bright, good for reading. Thanks for sharing with us today. Everyone make sure they stop by and say Hello to Lori over at Romancing the Darkside, its her Birthday today.  Lori is having a 100 Follower + Birthday Celebration giveaway on her blog, Click HERE to join in the fun. 


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