Blogger's Faux Pas!

To all our followers and readers, I wanted to personally say to pardon our lack of postings. blogger site has done some sort of update and in turn has deleted for good most of my post from yesterday and every single one I had scheduled for today. There are no excuses for what they have done. I put a lot of time and dedication to all the post and now they are gone. 

I will try and repost what I can from yesterday and what I can again from today. So be patient with us today. 

Im hoping Friday 13th didn't get Blogger all crazy and out of whack. Also I don't know if by any chance they might still be fixing all these glitches and miraculously the old post will come back, so if they do then they will probably be posted twice since I will start posting what I can from yesterday and today again.


  1. We feel your pain! What a joke huh? I wonder if it has anything to do with Facebook and their new RULES for bloggers and authors! Sorry you lost all your data! Hopefully you get it back!!

  2. This has been a frustrating couple of days to say the least.


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