Book Review: Scandal in Scotland

Scandal in Scotland
Hurst Amulet #2
Author: Karen Hawkins
Pages: 384 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Published: May 31st 2011
Review Source: Simon & Schuster
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Borders

Summary: (from Amazon) New York Times bestselling author Karen Hawkins spins an unforgettable tale of a captivating beauty with a secret, a dashing sea captain on a treacherous mission—and the priceless artifact that seals their destiny.


Despite fame and countless admirers, actress Marcail Beauchamp has never forgotten William Hurst, the audacious seafarer she once loved . . . and lost. Now, forced by a mysterious blackmailer who threatens her family, she must steal an ancient onyx box from the one man she’s vowed never to see again.


To save his brother from a ruthless abductor, William must deliver the artifact as ransom. He’s stunned when Marcail, more lovely than ever, suddenly appears on his ship. But when she drugs him and steals the box, his fury knows no bounds.


William pursues Marcail, but too late: she has already delivered the box. The estranged lovers realize they must work together—both to regain the artifact that could mean life or death to his family and to destroy the mysterious blackmailer’s power over her family. Thus begins a high-stakes quest through the reaches of Scotland, a quest that stirs up long-forgotten memories and an unquenchable passion. . . .

The 2nd Book of the series, continues the saga and suspense for the Hurst clan and the pursuit for answers and unforeseen surprises keeps you glued to the pages. Even if you haven’t read the 1st book the author gives you enough details to be able to follow the story line, without feeling that you are missing details, although you will end up wanting to read it.

A despondent and heartbroken William, finds the object of his problem, Marcail back in his life. Her only option to protect her family, from the mysterious blackmailer forces her to steal from him an Egyptian artifact that his family had recovered to saved his brother from the kidnappers. He follows her to get it back, only to find out it has been taken from her as well, and now the fun begins. Forced together now in a journey to find the amulet, they soon discover that their previous relationship was sabotage by her secrets to help her family and his possessiveness and jealousy that prevented her trust and are now faced with their renewed feeling and passion . The flare of old feelings, romance and passion is added to the mystery and suspense of the story to make it fun and entertaining. Some of the questions are answer and new surprises appear to hint and spike your interest on whom the probable love interest and new adventure is going to be for the other Hurst brothers in the coming sequel.

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  1. I am such a sucker for these awesome cheesy romance novels, especially the ones set in Scotland :)

    -Kate the Book Buff
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