Book Review: Unknown Scent - Werewolf Series, Book Two

Unknown Scent
Werewolf Series, Book Two
Author: Gina Marie Long
Pages: 256 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: March 31st 2011
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Books A Million

Summary: (from goodreads) Danger awaits Kara and her friends on unfamiliar territory when their covert operation goes bad. Werewolves, a vampire, psychics and black magic witches face-off in several fast-paced battles of good vs. evil. Time is running out for The Liaison team. They must locate the witches' hideout and prevent a sacrificial ritual before it's too late and all beings suffer the consequences. But major shocks and turmoil cause self-control and aggression issues within Kara's circle of friends. A gift Kara receives proves priceless in a life or death situation. Her psychic powers of mental manipulation and mind-reading are instrumental to the survival of others and herself. New allies are formed; not all are human. Throughout the mayhem, Kara's internal battle remains in limbo over who she truly loves the most: her best friend who is a psychic human or her boyfriend who is a werewolf. A choice needs to be made that could be life-altering. Especially as she continues to delve into the unknown.

The first words that came to mind when I began writing this review was WOW. This story was truly amazing and touched me deeply. I enjoyed reading every page and could not stop until the very end and even then I did not want to stop. I fell in love with all the characters in this book immediately. I laughed often, cried even but was overall intrigued that all the characters seemed to got along. Although, there was some tension at times and a mini love triangle, I felt the bond. Imagine a team of supernatural beings that consists of Vampires, Werewolves, Psychics and Witches that come together for one soul purpose and that is to protect the greater good from all evil. I felt as if I was apart of this bond by the amazing way that this author brings you to the story. I especially loved the part that although all these supernatural beings are completely different they are able to connect telepathically through various distances and read each other’s minds. At times one of the character’s would snoop in or over hear what the other was thinking and boy was that funny. The best part of the mind reading and telepathy was that I was in on all the secrets between all the characters. This book is a story about a team of supernatural beings that with each of their special skills, love, compassion and understanding form a team called “The Liaison”. The Liaison basically receives information or hears of rumors regarding “Evil” doing and they are sent to verify the evil and convert them (if they are not too evil of course) or eliminate them if they are. Unknown Scent is the second installment of the series but can be read as a stand alone. I, for instance did not read book one and I did not need to read it to continue with this book. Although, I would love to read the first book so that I know how and where everyone met and how they became what they are in book two. But that’s just me because I’m nosy. This is the second story I read that unites all different species and creates a story where they can all be friends, co-exist and fight crime together. This book is for everyone, if your like me and like the supernatural without all the horror this book is perfect and I highly recommend it.

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