Book Tour: "In Her Own Words" post by Author Amy Fellner Dominy

OyMg Book Blog Tour

We welcome Author Amy Fellner Dominy, who debut novel is called OyMG. Amy today shared with us "In Her Own Words" post for the tour. Make sure to come back on May 16th when I will post my review for the tour. 

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Stream of consciousness, 250 words about me

So…a little about me (in no particular order). I’m a playwright turned author. I live in the desert but I love the mountains. I have lots of curly, brown hair. I’m 5’3” except when I’m in my platform sandals, which is often. I hate to shop but I love to buy shoes. I like to talk but not about myself and not in front of a large group. (This makes my new job as “author” a bit difficult.) I like dogs but I love cats. I love to read, but still haven’t gotten the feel for e-books. I’m terrible with names. If we meet and I forget your name, let me apologize now, in advance. (I hate that about myself, and I’m working on it!) I love to eat but I’m a lousy cook. I’ve been married 24 years to a guy who still makes me laugh. I love being a mom. My sister Sue is my best friend. Writing is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but I can’t seem to stop doing it. My dad is the one most important person I wanted to tell when I sold in 2009. But he died in 2007. (I still think he knows.) I’m an optimist. I believe in being good just because. I believe the best in people because it’s just as easy as believing the worst, so why not? I cheer for the underdog. Always. I carry floss.

And that, in 250 words, is all about me.

Here is the book trailer for Amy's Book OyMG:

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