Author Interview and Giveaway: Gabrielle Blue author of Children of the Lost Moon

Today we welcome to the blog author Gabrielle Blue, which happen to be two authors writing together under a pen name. The wrote the book Children of the Lost Moon. Here on the blog we hope to review this book for you all in the future. After the interview we will be offering a copy of the book as a perk, thanks to the authors. 

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Welcome Gabrielle Blue,

OUaT: Hi, Can you talk to us today about who Gabrielle Blue is?

Gabrielle Blue is two: Cheryll "Gabby" Ganzel and Tessa Blue Jones. We're sisters and best friends and decided to combine our talents and become Gabrielle Blue.

OUaT: How difficult or possibly easy was it to write a book with 2 authors? 

It worked really well for us, probably because we had the same "vision" for what we wanted the end product to become. We knew we needed one voice, so one of the sisters actually wrote the text, while both contributed to the plot, storyline and characterizations of the novel.

OUaT: Children of the Lost Moon is the title of your book, What can you tell us about the title of the book? 

Ahhhh... to truly understand, you need to read the story. The creation myth of the shapeshifters holds the key to the title.

OUaT: When in the process of writing Children of the Lost Moon, did you always knows it would be a YA read or at some time was it leaning towards Adult? 

Children of the Lost Moon was conceived as a Young Adult novel, and never deviated from that. Young Adult is an awesome genre!

OUaT: What was the hardest part about writing Children of the Lost Moon? 

Getting the fencing terminology right! (Gabby was the one who wanted to write about fencing - then she abandoned me to the research!)

OUaT: If you could choose one paranormal creature to become into, Which one would you both choose? 

Definitely the panther. They rule!

OUaT: Where do you hope to take your writing in the future? 

We see ourselves, Gabby and Blue, as individuals working toward our own personal goals, but diverging from our own personal paths to explore our powerful creative talent together periodically.

OUaT: Give us 3 good facts to know about each of you. Be creative.

Blue: 1) I've done just about everything a person can do, jobwise, including driving an ambulance and being a Crime Scene Investigator. 2) I'm incredibly empathic, which can be intense at times, but does make me a better person, as well as a better author; 3) I'm very into fish, and have a Plecostamus named Clarice in my tank who is over seven years old!

Gabrielle: 1) I am currently a budding film editor. I have managed to teach myself enough to do a book trailer, a wedding, and a music video. I now have a whole new respect for film editors!

2} I finally completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Alternative Medicine and I write articles on health and nutrition on my blog Eclectic Renderings.

3) This is late spring, almost summer, in Des Moines, Iowa yet I am still freezing. Will this south Floridian ever adapt?

OUaT: In one sentence explain to my followers why they should read Children of the Lost Moon? 

Children of the Lost Moon will appeal to people who are: young at heart and/or open of mind. Children of the Lost Moon is not "just" a YA story, it's an "everyone's story," a great adventure and urban fantasy.

OUaT: How can a reader contact you, or purchase your books?

Our collective email address is: and our individual email addresses are: To purchase our books, you can do that at any online bookstore, but the easiest way is to access our blog is at:

Thank you to the both of you for answering our interview questions for us today. Now for the extra bonus, Gabrielle Blue is offering a copy of their Children of the Lost Moon. 

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  • Giveaway ends June 29th at midnight

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