Book Review: Red Heart

Author: Jackie Gamber & Matthew Perry
Pages: 294 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: April 6th 2011
Review SOurce: Author
Available: Seventh Star Press

Summary: (from goodreads) Enter the lands of Leland Province, where dragon and human societieshave long dwelled side by side. Superstitions rise sharply, as a severe drought strips the land of its bounty, providing fertile ground for the darker ambitions of Fordon Blackclaw, Dragon Council Leader, who seeks to subdue humans or wipe them off the face of the land.

As the shadow of danger creeps across Leland Province, a young dragon
named Kallon Redheart, who has turned his back on dragons and humans alike, comes into an unexpected  friendship. Riza Diantus is a young woman whose dreams can no longer be contained by the narrow confines of her village, and when she finds herself in peril, Kallon is the only one with the power to save her. Yet to do so means he must confront his past, and embrace a future he stopped believing in.

A tale of friendship, courage, and ultimate destiny, Redheart invites readers to a wondrous journey through the Leland Dragon Series.

Although I am not a fan of dragons, I must say that this book was incredibly well written and because of the way it was written and the plot, it captured my attention and I enjoyed reading the book. The author does a great job in the description and personalities of all the different characters, you’ll fall in love. I was a little skeptic in accepting this book just because it was about dragons, but I am glad I did. The book tells a mystery in which it changes characters to fully describe the entire story hence keep you on your toes guessing what’s going to happen next. It’s funny at times, mysterious and serious in others but with a little bit of romance which in my opinion is the best mixture when it comes to writing a good book. Overall a good read, and can’t wait for the sequel.

In a world where dragons and humans once coincided, it is now a battleship of greed and betrayal over the land. Kallon is our main character who has fallen into ambiguity and has turned his back on his dragon alliance due to the lost of his father. However, all that changes when he meets a young lady Riza Diantus under some intense circumstances.

Riza Diantus has decided to leave all she’s ever known and begin a new life as she’s had enough with all the exploitation and injustice in her life. In the mist of leaving, she encounters a serious situation that Kallon rescues her from. Although, Riza has been brainwashed to loath and despise dragons her whole life, she begins to question it when an unusual friendship commence between the two.

Great chemistry between these two characters and the story line is a great one. Highly recommend this book.


  1. Great review! I'm actually in the middle of reading Redheart I was a little reluclat in accepting it as didnt know if it would be my sort but I'm liking it :)

  2. Really glad to hear you liked this one! I have a copy of it too, and I wasn't really sure about starting it. Thanks for convincing me a bit more. :)


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