Cover Revealed: Fallen Legion

Timeless #4
Reading Level: YA
Release Date: Winter 2011

Summary: (from Laura Kreitzer's website) The full force of the Empyrean Guard leaves Gabriella trembling where she stands. Even with the Fallen at her back, she lacks the proper training and knowledge to win the inevitable Angelic war. In the Timeless Oblivion, Gabriella seeks the advice of the one person who’s never failed her and comes back with more than she bargained for. Now Gabriella must do the unthinkable: break the most important law the Celestial Gods decreed thousands of years ago to protect the Angels. Now that she’s crossed the line, will she find a way to save the Angels? Or has she doomed them all?

I think this is by far my favorite cover in Laura's Timeless Series. Each cover keeps outdoing the next when they come out. I Love how we can see Gabriella here with her angelic wings. Then the colors that are swirling at the bottom, I Love. 

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