TV Show Recap

This summer we have new TV shows to watch. Of course some of the favorites old ones are also returning. I wanted to chat about a few only today. If this sticks, then maybe next week I recap again. 

So let's start with a new shows. 

Mtv's Teen Wolf:
When I saw the commercials for this new teen show, I was stoked. I knew it would be different from the classic Teen Wolf movie with Michael J. Fox. 

So the new Teen Wolf was made into a series on Mtv and it runs on Monday nights. The show actually is pretty good. I like the actors, I think they have good chemistry together. Scott (Tyler Posey) works for me as the Teen Wolf. He is goofy and funny just like Michael J. Fox was. Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) makes the shows even better to watch, he is so good looking. So Scott is a Lacrosse player and gets bitten one night out in the woods. Now he is dealing with his new life as a werewolf, while trying to maintain a normal high schooler's life. The humor between Scott and his best friend Stiles (Dylan O' Brien) is awesome, just last night I watched the newest show and we were in stitches laughing at some of their lines. 

Now the only negative comment I have about the show is the Wolf costumes. I think that when they change into their werewolf look, its a bit comical. It's not believable at all. When Scott and Derek had their fight, I couldn't take the fight seriously. I just don't like the make-up at all. I will keep watching because like I said I still enjoy the show and so far I can overlook the funny looking get up. 

ABC's The Nine Lives of Chloe King:
Last night ABC premiered this show. I was interested because Sklyer Samuels the main actress, I had seen her acting in a show that was cancel called The Gates. She was a succubus on that show. So we tuned in and well its didn't really make a grand impression on me, I just thought it was cute. The show is based on a book series by Liz Braswell. 
So we learn of Chloe, she is your normal teenager until she turns 16. Then she begins to get these special powers including claws. She is freak out of course. She even gets thrown of a tower and guess what she survives. So she then finds out who or what she is and her purpose. She is a decent of a ancient race called Mai. That gives Chloe 9 lives and extra abilities. Chloe though doesn't want any of it. 
The characters didn't really gel for me, I though Chloe's part was OK but the rest didn't feel real. At least in this show, there are no funny costumes changes, just some deadly looking claws. I will watch again next week and see if this is a show I will stick with.

Returning Favorites:

ABC's Pretty Little Liars:
Yes this is a favorite in my house. The new season started off where last season left off. The girls are at the church after Spencer was almost killed by Ian. We know "A" came to the rescue and pushed him off and he died, but of course when the police come out to the scene his body is missing. The girls get branded as liars.

The first show of the season start off intense. "A" with her normal shenanigans and all those texts she loves to send out. She seems to be everywhere at all times, even at the new therapist the girls are seeing as a group. I'm curious to see if we can see more of Aria & Ezra's relationship. I'm also curious to get more details about Jenna and Garrett. The show has so many twist and turns and yes at times I'm lost but its a good lost.


  1. For Teen Wolf the costumes of kind worked for me. Scott's make up is kind of eh cuz the eyes sometimes aren't too visible. Derek looked great. Stiles is hilarious.

    The 9 Lives of Chloe King was just okay but hopefully it picks up.

  2. I like this topic! Although my new favorite so far has been Switched at Birth. My daughter likes Teen Wolf, I haven't had a chance to watch it yet - I need to though, since its MTV. But her parental TV Rating is allowing it so....

  3. I haven't watched any of these, but I agree with the person above me who loves Switched At Birth. I want to smack all the characters, but I'm already addicted.
    And I'm halfway through season 2 of Supernatural on TNT. I know it's not new, but it's new to me!

  4. Hmm I didnt catch Switched at Birth, maybe I will try it out.

  5. OMG, I love his friend Stiles and I get how you feel about the wolf costumes, I wasn't really feeling it. I just watched Maid in Manhattan the other day and was surprised to recognize the little boy that plays Jennifer Lopez's son as Tler Posey when he was very little :)


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