Saturday Snapshot- 7/16/11

Saturday Snapshot is a weekly meme hosted by Alyce, At Home With Books.  All we have to do is post a favorite we’ve snapped, or one captured by family or friends.

This snap shot was taken while I was on vacation in The Florida Keys 2 weeks ago. Funny thing is about this picture, I am in the water when I took it and only had to look up. This day was probably the nicest of all the days we were there weather wise. It was the perfect day to be laying on a hammock with a book. 

Summer Days are the best!


  1. Beautiful!! I love palm trees!

  2. this one is actually a coconut tree. I agree with you though, i love all tropical trees.

  3. Wow, no cloud in sight! :D I love it. The palm ever reaching for the blue. :D


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