Book Review: Death Whispers by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Death Whispers
Death Series Book 1
Author: Tamara Rose Blodgett
Pages: Kindle Edition
Reading Level: YA
Published: March 30th 2011
Review SOurce: Author
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Smashwords

Summary: (from goodreads) Almost fifteen-year-old Caleb Hart is a Cadaver-Manipulator in the year 2025.

When teens receive a government-sanctioned pharmaceutical cocktail during school, paranormal abilities begin manifesting... making the teens more powerful than the adults.

After Caleb discovers he has the rare, "Affinity for the Dead," he must do whatever it takes to hide it from a super-secret government agency whose goal is exploitation.

Caleb seeks refuge in his new girlfriend, Jade, until he realizes that she needs as much protection from her family, as he does from the government.

Suddenly, Caleb finds that hiding his ability while protecting Jade and his friends is a full time job; can he escape the government, protect Jade and lose the bullies that are making him miserable?

Its great as a reviewer when you have that chance and you find a diamond in the ruff. I believe strongly in reading Indie Authors and Self - published authors books, you can't imagine how many times I have read Amazing books from both ends. If we don't give the book a chance or author a chance these great books won't ever be discovered. So it pleases me to write my review for Death Whispers. 

Death Whispers doesn't seems like its written by a unknown author, It has the quality of a big known author book. The characters are so well written, What makes then even better is how real they are when you read about them. Death Whispers is written from a 14 year old's POV, Tamara did a fantastic job capturing this boy's voice. The writing is simple with a very easy flow of words that you ends up devouring as you read. Even the humor in Death Whispers is contagious. This is a great book for any age and if your a dystopian fan too.  

Death Whispers follow Caleb, he is a boy that possess a rare form of paranormal power. In the year 2025 all teenagers get tested to see what powers they possess. It turns out Caleb has one of the most rarest of them all. He is a Cadaver Manipulator. Basically he can raise and control dead people. Now you might think Caleb must feel super happy about this, well no not really. Seems that having this special power attracts all the wrong attention. Caleb sees himself working harder at keeping his power a secret from certain people. Throw in all this paranormal activity plus the year 2025 and all its advanced technologies, you have a Great dystopian novel. 


  1. Thanks for this review. It's right up my alley and I'm going to get it right now!

  2. Thank you for reading and reviewing, "Death Whispers," Yara~!



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