Book Tour: Misfit - Top Tens List

Top Tens List

The next stop for Misfit blog tour is here. Jon Skovron provided us today with a Top Tens list. Misfit is one of the few titles that Jon has written. Check out his links to read more about Jon and his books. 

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What were 10 events in school that were not easy?

• Having to do push-ups every time I acted in a play the priests found objectionable

• Getting kicked out of Confession.

• School dances. All of them.

• Getting into a car accident within three hours of getting my license. And it was my fault. And I was borrowing my step-father's car.

• 2 years of Latin.

• The first time a girl broke my heart (although, really I don't know if the second or third time was any easier...)

• When my favorite coffee shop closed (RIP Luna!)

• Caught by a cop in the park at night while making out with my girlfriend.

• Alternately teased and ignored by the popular kids.

• Getting bullied, then once I found punk rock, having to hide everything but my anger to keep from getting bullied.

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